No Hours?

Why Employees Shouldn’t Have Hours

Employers ensure an erosion of employee trust by strictly enforcing when their employees must complete their work.

Trust works in many directions within a company and team – peer to peer, worker to manager, company to people.

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Get New People

Is this the best you can do?:

If the answer to this is “yes,” and you think you’re done, you might be settling too soon.

The right question is, “Is this the best your team can do?” And if you need a better team, it’s never been easier to get one. Especially if you’re a soloist, a freelancer or a small company–if your upside is limited by the people you’re working with, get new people.

(Via Seth’s Blog)

And its never been easier to make a distributed team work. There is sufficient expertise in trade, sufficient experience in working over distances and sufficient technology to support the team. All are available, and you can substitute “excellent” for “sufficient” in most cases.

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Marissa Mayer breaks her silence on Yahoo’s telecommuting policy

Marissa Mayer breaks her silence on Yahoo’s telecommuting policy

All totally valid reasons.

All the hubbub was over 200 people, out of 12,000. 1.7% of the workforce.

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Reason #10657-b

Reason #10657-b

Drive car to garage, ride bike home. Bam.

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Why all the fuss over working from home?

Scott weighs in:

Why all the fuss over working from home?:

Hopefully Yahoo! doesn’t lose too many good people (if you’re a mobile developer at Yahoo! and are looking to leave, please drop me a note) with this move. In addition, maybe the policy can be revisited on a case by case basis so that the top people have a lot more flexibility. In our highly mobile workforce, lumping everyone together is a recipe for losing people.

(Via Scott Gruby’s Blog)

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Working from home is like saying no to drugs

Instead of asking, Am I more productive?, look at the other side and ask, Am I happier?

There is no doubt that my life is enriched by working from home. Feeling good about going to work every day drives so much of the success I’ve had over the past 8 years.

Working from home is like saying no to drugs

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Love of the Distributed Team

I LOVE the distribution of my current team.

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Charleston, SC
  • San Diego, CA
  • Tewksbury, MA
  • Portland, OR
  • Others around the world

Despite being all over the place: WE ARE AWESOME.

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“Grand summary of posts on Remote work & Yahoo”

A good set of posts from Scott Berkun

Time to wrap up the Yahoo! threads and let them move on with their decisions.

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“You Do Not Want Me In Your Office”

For eleven years I have worked at home, thrilled with the arrangement Yahoo! provided. Free from distractions, free from traffic. Free from the burning, judgmental stares of other humans, from the deafening roar of each one drawing breath into their lumbering carcass.

Great, great stuff. Via @SLANT_HQ

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Missing Out

> Think of how many times companies miss out on really good developers just because they’re not open to remote workers.

I think about this often and have seen the attitudes negative consequences. It isn’t pretty and it isn’t right.

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