WWDC and Me

Two weeks ago I was OOTO – out of the office – at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference.

WWDC is the *big* event of my professional year, and has been for some time – a single chance to mingle with, catch up to, question, see and be seen by almost every relevant person in the Mac (and now iPhone) development ecosystem. This year was no exception.

WWDC is always a blast because is great to get out of the office here and interact with so many peers. So many people I communicate with regularly via phone, email and IM are there! in the flesh! are there – including some of my coworkers. I’ve written in the past about seeing these folks and my time with them is incredibly valuable. Some of them even share the same situation as me – working from home.

So, to Ken, Dave, Lawrence, Scott and Alex – so good to be with you. To the rest (and all), it was great to see you, share a beer, a story, a joke, a technical issue, the music of Cake, Denny’s and all the good things that WWDC is.

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