Power Outage

There was a great mid-morning thunderstorm here yesterday, leading to the power going out at around 9:10 and staying out for 90 minutes.

Despite my whole office and network making that whirring “power-down” sound, the MacBookPro stayed on via battery. I unplugged the monitor and had all the app windows switch over to the laptop’s display, and I carried on with what I was doing.

I was thinking about all this after the power came back on and came to the realization that my productivity barely suffered during that entire time. The only blip for me was that I couldn’t connect to our svn server and couldn’t use the VOIP phone, but if someone from work really needed to reach me they could have called the cell or house phone. But I had work to do and got it done despite the loss of connectivity.

If I were in an office and the power went out, the gross loss of productivity would have been huge. I’ve seen it – during my time in an office the power went out a few times and there was a massive disruption to the time and energy of many people. They barely recovered even after the lights came back on – powering up systems, getting back to where they were, reconvening meetings, following up on emails, focussing on work again – essentially wasting much of the day.

Yesterday, that didn’t happen. I called a coworker to ask that he send an email saying my power was out; we chatted about some work items we had going on while I kept working on my current project. When the power came back on, I reconnected all my stuff and continued on. My productivity didn’t suffer, nor did the productivity of my coworkers.

Score: 1 for power outages at remote worker locations!

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