Home office needs

A few weeks ago, I tweeted

Thinking about a post for http://wahlog.com : what do I need out of a home office? Any thoughts on what *you* need in a home office? #wah

I received a few responses

@twistedanchor: more whiteboard space, less horizontal space to collect clutter and a way to keep my dog from sleeping in my foot space…

@dhughneil: in MY home office I need toys. I have a football here, for example, that I toss around etc while on conference calls.

@mpaclark: Coffee. Quiet. Internet. :)

We’re in the process of selling our home, and I’m reevaluating what I’m going to need in my next home office space. I’ll continue to update this post as I determine more requirements in hopes of leaning more about what my true optimal work environment will become.


  • Wired network. Cable preferred
  • Window
  • Air conditioning and heat
  • At least three duplex electrical outlets
  • Space for storage
  • Door that closes


  • Television
  • Ceiling fan
  • Overhead lighting
  • Carpet
  • Detached from house
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