More on Trust

Ages and age ago I wrote about trust in a post entitled Trust and the Distributed Team.

On the Rands In Repose blog, he writes about trust again:

Here’s my question: do you or do you not want be the person someone trusts when they need help? Manager or not, do you see the act of someone trusting you as fitting with who you are?

Yes, there’s a line that needs to be drawn between you and your co-workers, but artificially distancing yourself from the people you spend all day every day with seems like a good way to put artificial barriers between yourself the people you need to get your job done.

Is that who you are or who you want to work for?

The topic of trust is where I draw a line in both my personal and management philosophy. My belief is that a team built on trust and respect is vastly more productive and efficient than the one where managers are distant supervisors and co-workers are 9-to-5 people you occasionally see in meetings. You’re not striving to be everyone’s pal; that’s not the goal. The goal is a set of relationships where there is a mutual belief in each other’s the reliability, truth, ability, and strengths.

It’s awesome.

Rands In Repose: B.A.B.

I need to continue formalizing something concrete and concise on the issue of trust as it relates to being a remote worker. Rand’s game of B.A.B. doesn’t work too well over the phone – trash talking isn’t aided by the visual cues a person reveals when doing the trash talking, so words could be taken quite differently than intended.

By the way – the book “Managing Humans” is a great read. Highly recommended.

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