Spark Charleston

Yesterday evening, I attended the open house for and at Spark Charleston:

Spark Charleston is a startup incubator in the heart of historic downtown Charleston, SC that will offer free space & office amenities to high potential startup companies & entrepreneurs.

The concept and space are perfect for this purpose – nothing too fancy, too ambitious or too cushy. The terms are great for those committed to their ideas; I think the collaborative space, backed by the free resources Spark will be offering will be a major benefit to a nascent organization.

In speaking with some of the people I met last night (Chris Clark, Spark Project Coordinator (@sparkchs), Trevor Reed (@TrevorBReed) and Brian Rogel (@BrianRogel) and a few others) I rose the point that there is now a progression of workspaces in Charleston that can cater to a person or group or company at a variety of levels:

This lineage offers entry points, committement levels and support structures that can satisfy most any need. I’m happy that the business environment here has the need for such facilities and that the need is being met in such wonderful ways.

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