Speaking Engagement!

I received a great call yesterday regarding an opportunity to speak about remote and distributed teams.

I’ve been asked by Ernest Andrade at the Charleston Digital Corridor to speak at June’s Fridays @ The Corridor about the topic. I’ll be joining with another person who is also part of a distributed organization.

Mark your calendar if you’re in Charleston on Friday, June 18th.

My hope is to give people real insight into not only ways to make a distributed team work but also the simple fact that it can work.

Ernest asked me to frame the topic:

Distributed teams and the modern company: is this the new way of getting a business off the ground? It this the new way to grow an organization when the local talent pool is isn’t sufficient? If not nearby, you can get what you need (talent, skill, experience, etc.) elsewhere and still reach success.

I’d like to talk approaches for success: trust, communication, connectedness, enabling technologies. The trust factor is an interesting one; I’ve written about it recently (Trust and the Distributed Team, More on Trust); I don’t think it is something people without experience in distributed teams are familiar with as a critical point for making it all work.

More as I figure out how to best present; if you have any ideas please comment.

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