Working from Home Reduces Anxiety About Long Hours

Working from Home Reduces Anxiety About Long Hours

A recently released study of just under 25,000 IBM employees across 75 countries measured, among other things, the “tipping point” at which workers felt their work hours interfered with their home life. The results may surprise you:

For office-based workers the tipping point at which staff felt that their working life started to interfere with their home life came after 38 hours of work a week.
However, for those offered a flexible working, including from home, the length of time that employees could [work] without feeling the pressure was much longer.
On average they could put in 57 hours a week without feeling such a conflict.

No, really? When will society realize that for a large number of workers, there is no need to be sitting at desk doing something that can be done more efficiently, for less money and with better health for employee, employer, environment and society?

Also, this reminds me of The Trouble Tree. Don’t let work interfere with living.

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