Hivelogic – Offices Are Becoming Antiques

Hivelogic – Offices Are Becoming Antiques

Dan Benjamin, referencing a post by Seth Godin. My favorite quote:

The gain in speed, productivity and happiness is massive.

I haven’t been to my company’s office in a long time – 2 years now? While that hasn’t been fully the best thing personally (I miss some of the direct interaction that exists with people I normally don’t work with), there has been almost NO negative affect on my productivity, ability to execute and overall job satisfaction. The office really is dead, at least in software development circles.

There are so many places for a group of coworkers, especially if they’re geographically centralized, to meet. Coffee shops, coworking locations, hotel conference rooms, college campuses, etc. all satisfy the need for a face to face meeting without the overhead of a permanent physical space. All satisfy what might be single benefit of an office (the quick “everybody into the meeting room” need) while obviating the archaic traditions of office working. Even if not geographically centralized, options abound. And more are possible every day.

More to come about my own use of space in doing my daily work. This summer has been interesting around here, and working from home has made some great things possible.

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