Jayna Wallace: Showering Optional: Tips For Remote Employees

I’m at geekend2010 this week, in Savannah, GA. One of the sessions this morning was a talk about remote working, given by Jayna Wallace.

Gone are the days when physically being in the office is required to get your work done. As companies look towards workshifting (or telecommuting, for you old-skoolers) to reduce costs and recruit top talent, opportunities for “digital nomads” are more widely available than ever. And while it’s not all fun and games, once you leave the office, you’ll never want to go back. Ever. Learn the tips and tricks from someone who’s spent the last five years working for geographically diverse companies, spanning time zones and continents. “Telecommuting” is so 2002. “Remote Employees” are the new black.

It was a great overview of the remote employment, filled with examples from Jayna’s own work history. One nice touch is she added in a good bit about *how* to become a remote employee – approaching management with a proposal and backing it up with great reasons to put you back at home.

More at http://showeringoptional.blogspot.com/

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