Ten Reasons to Assemble a Dispersed Team | Wide Teams

Ten Reasons to Assemble a Dispersed Team | Wide Teams:

You want experienced help. You can get a college fresh-out – unmarried and unfettered – to do just about anything. Move anywhere, work long hours, live in a tiny apartment with three roommates in order to afford big-city rent. But more experienced knowledge workers, who have been around the block a few times and proven their worth, often have more attachments. They may have kids, or strong ties to a community. They may have settled in a city they particularly like and want to put down roots in. If you are open to letting the work go to the workers, instead of having the workers come to to the work, you may be able to attract seasoned pros who are as particular about where they live as they are about where they work.

This Wide Teams site is great; I have a whole bunch of their podcasts queued up to listen to in the upcoming days.

My specific interest goes beyond working at home and is focused on the formation, support and process of distributed teams of technology workers. I am a part of such a team and while my own self-interest drives me to make my experience better I also believe that distributed teams are the future of work in the United States.

The general work at home movement is the supporting infrastructure and cultural change necessary to ensure that distributed teams become the new model of industry and economy.

The point called out above is one indication of how this model of employment changes the cultural dynamic of our economy. Since we are no longer a manufacturing-heavy nation, and as we move to services (especially in technology and finance) as our main economic driver, we cannot afford to exclude highly experienced and productive members of our economy because of where they live. Allowing the work to come to them – by the distributed nature of work – we maintain highly connected and strong communities as well as the balanced distribution of intellectual capital across the nation.

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  1. Avdi Grimm says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m adding this site to my reading list, it definitely looks like we’re thinking along similar lines!

  2. bcriscuolo says:

    We’re definitely on the same page – you’re doing a great job with Wide Teams. We should talk soon.

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