Speaking at Geekend 2011

I’ll be speaking at Savannah’s Geekend 2011, November 10-12.

My presentation will be a variation of the talk I presented along with Jack Harvey last year.

“Distributed Teams and the Modern Company: Matters of Trust”

Distributed teams and the modern company: is this the new way of getting a business off the ground? It this the new way to grow an organization when the local talent pool is isn‚Äôt sufficient? If not nearby, you can get what you need (talent, skill, experience, etc.) elsewhere and still reach success. But there’s a catch – how do you build trust among a team when they’re rarely together?

I’m going to focus primarily on the trust aspects with this talk, spending a smaller amount of time on the general aspects of distributed teams. I’ll be describing the strong connection between the two and how trust is a vital component of the team’s success.

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