First Day: Welcoming New Hires | AYE Conference

Welcoming New Hires | AYE Conference (via @johannarothman)

You’ve hired a candidate. She starts on Monday. What will she think at the end of her first day? Will she be in the “honeymoon” phase, or will she be disappointed with your organization?

Being a new hire is a little bit like installing a piece of software. The first thing you see when you buy software is the installation. The first thing a new hire sees is how your organization takes in people. Here are some suggestions for a smooth first day:

Sadly, this doesn’t happen for the members of a distributed team. If you’re working from home, it might be even worse – you’re in the same place you were yesterday. You’re lucky if they sent you a computer and phone and have all your accounts already set up!

I don’t know that there is a well-regarded process for a company to follow. Without something, however, the team had better hope that the person on the other end, the remote one, is more than a self-starter – they need to be able to thrive far past that first day.

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