The hubbub about Yahoo!

There is a lot being written about the announcement from Yahoo! regarding the requirement of their remote staff to migrate back to company offices by June.

I am torn on this. It is quite obvious to me that the company requires dramatic and disruptive changes so that it can align itself with new and lasting objectives. The executive team likely knows what policy changes like this will do to its teams, and I would be surprised if they didn’t consider those in context of who and where the remote members are. They are making decisions on behalf of the entire organization as well as executing their fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders, and that process isn’t easy.

More over, we the outsiders don’t know what this really means. Maybe there are not so many people so removed from a company property that they cannot manage this. Perhaps, at Yahoo!, remote workers simply don’t work, and this is the first opportunity to reset an already problematic situation.

I hesitate to make broad-stroked generalizations about this based on a single public announcement from the company. They know what they are doing and the outcomes their changes can make. I, and many others know the value in putting high value and productive people wherever it makes sense; my stance on the benefits of a remote workforce have not changed.

All I’m saying: give Yahoo! the benefit to make decisions important to all their stakeholders.

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