More on Charleston Digital Corridor’s Endeavor


The city of Charleston has named its new business incubator and resource center at East Bay and Calhoun streets: Flagship. The revamped 5,400-square-foot space at 475 East Bay formerly was home to a Hollywood Video store. Ernest Andrade, Charleston’s director of business development and head of the Digital Corridor technology initiative, has already moved into Flagship along with four young high-tech businesses. A grand opening is planned for this month.

“This will take economic development to a retail level,” Andrade said when the center was announced.

The space is amazing – well conceived, designed and equipped. When Ernest walked me through a few weeks ago, I was impressed by the level of detail to the physical space as well as the consideration being payed to the future usage potential of the facility.

The opportunity for Charleston is huge – establishing a top-notch “tech” facility that can really become a hub of knowledge workers is very attractive and raises the bar for for small cities to match. Since Charleston doesn’t have a history of higher education geared toward technical disciplines, this establishes a nucleus for the existing technical community to grow around.

Flagship is not a standard coworking facility; it is designed for more permanent rooting. It does fill that niche quite well. Good luck to Flagship and the Charleston Digital Corridor.

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